Monday, July 20

Yummy German Evenings.

Today I ventured with some friends to the local "city" to do some wandering and eating. Last weekend we glimpsed a Tapas restaurant and decided it deserved a try.

The food around here is almost always awesome, I've never eaten anywhere I wouldn't go back to (not like that Indian joint in the red light district of Amsterdam, yuk!). Tonight is was good, but the company was better. It's definitely the kind of place you can sit and drink wine and chat for hours under the large tree adorned with tiny yellow Christmas lights.

We learned a little about the history of "Beda" as well. There is a fountain in the middle of the square that has children dressed as goats. It's always been a bit of a mystery to me but Kirsi bought a book today that explains it.

Apparently during the 30 Years War the Swedish Army pillaged the town and camped outside the walls waiting for it to fall from lack of supplies. The villagers were almost out of food when they had the idea to let the children dress as goats and dance and play on the town wall. The army saw that the town obviously had plenty of food to last them a while and didn't want to wait any longer for them to give up, so they just left. The kids saved the town and now there is a fountain to remind everyone of it. The folks from town are still called Gäßestrepper, or 'goat skin wearers.'

We topped all this off with a heaping serving of Eis!


Today as well I found and called a yoga center in a town nearby to sign up for prenatal yoga classes. This is my second REAL excursion into the German economy (where I'm not shopping, eating or riding the train), the first being going to the pool a few weeks back and finding out about water aerobics classes there. I'm SO NERVOUS to try my German on anyone, or to possibly be surrounded by people who don't speak a lick of English, but I really feel that this will be the best way to learn and to get more comfortable in these surroundings. I'm very familiar with yoga poses already, even prenatal ones, and can watch a lot without at first necessarily understanding the teacher. We'll be here so much longer, it's time I leave my comfort zone! So I'll let you know in two weeks how it goes!


  1. Hi, this is Charissa, I'm just using Jason's account to comment.

    I have that book, the boys really like it.

    I really miss the sit and talk aspect of dining in Germany. It's highly unusual to see that here.

    Thanks for the pictures of the statues, I plan on asking Wyatt if he remembers those when he gets back from Grandma's.

  2. Kari, I am so proud of you for getting out into the economy... My one true disappointment about our time there is that I didn't step out of the comfort zone more. So Good Girl!

  3. I can't believe you didn't know the goat story! Mmmmm Tapas.....

    I miss your pretty face.


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