Friday, July 31

Verloren: Kleine braune Pferd!

On Monday morning as the girls were waking up from the camp out in our back yard, a little brown pony trotted up from the road to the path behind our house. He was extremely friendly and playful and gentle, so I was worried about why he was out running the streets so obviously lost! We walk quite a bit around here and so I've seen most of the horses, and this time of year I usually notice the new ones. This one was unfamiliar though.
I don't know much about handling horses, just to be gentle with them the same as dogs, so I yelled to Mary (the troop leader, who was still asleep in her tent) "Do you know anything about horses?!" To which she replied groggily, "....They like carrots?" :)
She came out and kept an eye on him until I got back from running to the landlord's house to let him know there was a lost pony wandering around. Somehow she managed to get him into an open pen next to two larger neighborhood horses so at least he would be safe. The landlord said to let him be (??) I guess he figured someone would notice him in the pen and he'd be taken care of.
Tuesday morning I went to check on him and he still had no water and was just hiding under the apple trees in the shade, so Brenda and Cora and I walked over to a resident horse lady's house to tell her about the pony, hoping she could at least ask the owners of the two larger horses to share their water with the little guy.
Now he's got water and looks fine, albeit a littel bored. Not sure still who he belongs to but someone is taking care of him and I'm sure his owners will turn up eventually.
Chris asked the other day, "So, do we own a horse now?"
This is all a little nerve wracking because our German communication skills are limited and there is only so much we can do to find out where he came from. Victoria tho is a caring horse owner and will make sure he either gets back to where he belongs or a new home is found for him.


As I was walking today to check on him I noticed the plums are starting to ripen. They still have quite a bit to go, but I love the colors they are making at the moment.

On a less successful note, my tomatoes are starting to blacken like they did last year. Oh well, that's kind of why I went for the free range garden thing, I wasn't sure that even if I put in all the work they would do alright. As soon as the summer is over I'm tearing out every plant and turning the ground again, hopefully the disease will be killed off this winter and we can try again next year.


It's been an ├╝ber langsam (slow) day but I've played a little on Photoshop with some other pictures I took while out and about today (and yesterday).

I love my pups!

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  1. P.s. The horse has been picked up I believe, so all's well that ends well :)


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