Sunday, July 19


To you~

Most of you already know me, or e-know me, but this is just an introduction to upstart this new blog. It's the same happenings as what was going into the MySpace blog, just more stream-lined and less, well, MySpace.

I've lived in Germany for nearly four years now, and have had the opportunity to get to know a huge handful of wonderful, creative people. That's the beauty of this military lifestyle we've been immersed into. The downside is the fact that we all move, a lot. With the luck of the draw Chris and I have received orders to stay for an extended amount of years- double the normal tour. So here we are, waving goodbye to about 80% of our friends but with no change of scenery or routine to occupy us!

I really shouldn't complain! This is an amazing place and I know that we are the 'lucky' ones to be staying, but when it comes down to it we have much more time and a lot less fun. We do still have friends here who keep us on our toes, and I am constantly trying to make new ones however hard that is for me being kind of shy around new people.

What I need is motivation! Being six months pregnant and alone a lot I like my couch a little more than is warranted. I keep drifting back to last summer- craft fairs, flomarkts (flea markets), apple and berry picking, gardening, cooking, canning, traveling.... and now I'm wondering where this summer is going so quickly without me?

This is the place that will keep me going now. I will have to DO something before sitting down with my laptop for the day. If I don't then I'll have nothing to write about for all you lovelies who actually like reading about this random life we have here 'over the pond'. Even if you don't know it, you will all help keep me motivated to use the skills I learned last year to live this year, and the next, and the next.... I owe it to myself, to my husband and to our new baby boy, who will be here in October.

So, thank you ahead of time for following this, for allowing me to voice my opinion and for any encouragement you may throw my way :) Don't be afraid to comment on here as you did on MySpace!


Kari B.

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  1. The craft store is always a great place to meet new people!! Don't ya think??


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