Wednesday, July 29


A few great ways to start out a week: Camp out in your back yard and tie dye with some lovely little Girl Scouts! Then swimming! Yay!
But make sure to not get a phone call from the hospital saying your husband's been admitted.
He's had a wicked cough for 2 months, since getting back from a trip to the States, and I'm very relieved that he's getting it taken care of finally.

Yesterday I snuck him in a breakfast burrito ;}


Tuesday I was able to work a little on a good friend's tattoo. It's not nearly done yet, but it's a start. The Magpie is the perfect tattoo for her, looking over her shoulder like a little soul protector.

It'll be fun to finish as the month draws on. I'm so fortunate to be able to do what I love, and even more fortunate that I have people around me who let me be creative with it!!


I was able today to sneak in a shopping trip to Ramstein with the sweet and equally pregnant Tineke for some much needed underpinnings and maybe a few *less* needed baby goodies.
Lunch was Italian from the new base mall, which was delicious, topped off with a little coffee and impromptu table art!

It's pretty funny what you get accustomed to here, a slow paced dinner for one. I remember when we moved here four years ago the length of a single dinner seemed a g o n i z i n g. Now to be ushered in and out is a little off-putting! And I was a waitress! I hadn't realized how much we actually like to now just sit and linger and relish in the company, not just the food. It's hard to do when the check is brought to you before you even ask for it, a la Americana.

Never the less it was a nice, relaxing afternoon!

And Chris is feeling better, if not less bored... <3>


  1. I hope your husband feels better soon.

    I miss the leisurely pace of dining, too. Here it seems like we're being pushed out before we're even done, especially if it's on a busy day like Sunday.

  2. I love how you can draw on the tables there. I noticed they give the adults crayons too. We also thought the food was yummy.
    Do you think you would have time to fit me in for a tattoo before the babe comes?


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