Friday, July 24

Loverly things.

This year I was the leader of a Girl Scout troop with girls ages 9-13. They were a ton of fun and we did a lot of interesting things (at least I think so). I'm ├╝ber proud of them on many levels and have loved watching them grow up so much in just a year. This tho, tops the cake! They donated 400 Euros they had earned selling cookies (that's almost $600) to a hospital near here. Their money went specifically to the childrens' recovery and therapy center attached to the hospital, where the kids with chronic illnesses and cancer go to learn and play and feel a bit better. On Tueasday the hospital staff took us on a lovely tour of the facility and thanked the girls for their contribution.

I hope the girls remember what they did and know how much they really helped, since the center relies heavily on donations.

The staff told us of some unfinished projects where murals may be involved so I asked If I could help out at some point. Here's hoping they call me!


This week has been kind of dreary, this summer has been in general actually, but sometimes the sun comes out and beats down for a few minutes, at least long enough or me to take some photos.

I spent a few of those rainy hours learning to knit, not sure how I feel about continuing though!

Something cheery the German farmers do is plant small feilds of flowers in the spring and summer, put a money box and knife next to the feild and just let people have at it. I love driving by the feilds, and especially love the honor system involved in buying the flowers. I love even more when I have a handful of change and it's nice enough to stop, mingle with the bees and cut some fresh flowers! (Although I have stopped in the pouring rain!)

When our friend Meagan left a few months ago she left me a couple dormant orchid plants. This one popped up this week and I can't wait for it to bloom!


Today there were a few things going on: a movie date with Chris.... okay, it was a kids' showing for Ice Age 3... And then a going away dinner for some good friends. I figured dressing up a bit wouldn't be uncalled for (like I need a reason!). Michelle gave me a lovely wrap skirt the other day and I finally found Katie Corn's long-lost obi belt. I also just overdyed an old tanktop, so paired them all together and was quite pleased all day each time the wind caught my skirt and the sun hit my shoulders :) Don't mind my goofy face, I was laughing at the dogs playing off camera...


Oh yea, baby room hint #2:


  1. Good job to the girls, if they learn about doing things for others at that age, they'll be more likely to keep at it later on.

    I love your outfit, it's very stylish and looks really comfortable. I always had a hard time finding things of the non potato sack variety while I was pregnant.

    Keep up the knitting, it'll get easier, I promise. Where did you get your yarn from?

  2. The yarn came from thrift store in Oberwiesse :)

    I've had a lot of fun finding old things and making them new, wearing them different during pregnancy. Thinking outside the box seems to be the only alternative, you can't just go to the store and buy some pretty maternity dress unless a. you want to look just like every other pregnant woman an base, or b. you want to spend an arm and a leg in town buying on the economy!

  3. Oh lord baby and maternity things are expensive on the economy. I remember seeing boob style tops ( You'll love their logo even though their prices suck)in Sweden and nearly falling over seeing T shirts for 60 bucks.

  4. Not that I don't already have enough girls ;-) but I sure would like to have one in the age range to be in your scout troop. I'm sure ya'll did lots of great things and what a great way to spend their cookie money!


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