Wednesday, July 4

Sun and cherries.

Johnny and I spent some time with the ladies yesterday, Brenda and Melissa. We went out for lunch, did some shopping, hit up a market, enjoyed the sun!! 

Afterwards we went to see the Gossip in Luxembourg for Melissa's birthday! Really, really amazing show. The singer had phenomenal stage presence and was incredibly fun to watch and interact with! In the same venue, next door, was Patti Smith! When we left the doors were open so we spent spent some time dancing around in the hall watching her over everyone's heads- pretty awesome!


I've been painting some. I NEED to do it a lot more. I'm having fun with it, painting gifts for friends  :)

I should be blogging a lot more because I deactivated my facebook page. It's only temporary, but I think it'll be a nice change of pace :)
Now we're off to decide what to do this July Fourth!

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