Thursday, July 5

Pake. Fo serious.

A pake (we don't know what else to call it) is a delicious fruit pie baked into a delicious cake. No, really.  A pie-cake. Pake. Or, piecaken, like turducken, but oh, so much better. ;) 
Melissa said we should make one weeks ago, and Brenda and I laughed at her and then decided to make her one for her birthday! 
It was FUN. 
Seems sad though to mess up a perfectly good pie! 

They fell apart in the cake batter, but no biggie! It still tasted crazy good.

Raspberry pie on one side.

Blueberry on the other. Both in chocolate cake and topped with vanilla frosting. All hand-made, all vegan!

We decided it would make a really good Thanksgiving dessert. Maybe pumpkin pie with spice cake? Man, the possibilities are endless.

We ate a lot of that, then sat around a Fourth of July fire, finally soaking up a warm summer night!

 Woot! Summer is finally shaping up!!

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