Wednesday, July 11

the morning after.

Painting late at night can lead to some hurried and ridiculous mistakes. I'm always thankful when I wake up in the morning and see the finished product and it's in the safe zone... although I'm not quite sure what's going on with the elbow, haha!!
The main thing is I wish I had gotten my act together and created an original Captain America drawing, but that's what happens when you start planning a gift at 10:30 the night before a birthday party! It was fun, though as I haven't drawn a comic book character since about 9th grade I think.  
Anyway, here he is, all done (this photo is a bit darker than the painting): 

acrylic on canvas, 23"x31"

'Merica! Eff YEA! ;)

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  1. Seriously Awesome!!! I found some vintage batman pictures from an old magazine so I cut them out and now were going to do Anton's room in Vintage Super heros... since he loves them all!! ha ha!! This is really amazing and I bet they cherished this gift better than any crappy BX gift everyone else brought!! (which would have included me ;)


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