Thursday, July 28

A not-so-fragile house.

Snack! Organic grapes and bananas and almond chai milk:

We are eating way, way healthier the past few weeks, I'm so proud of us ;}

I've also been trying really hard to stop using any kind of plastic, at the table, in the kitchen, ect. We do still have some vintage plastic plates that I love, but other than that it's working out pretty well.
I was looking at a website that sells glass and metal containers for your freezer a few weeks ago, at $20 a piece! I'm sorry, but I can find no reason to spend that much on a food container. But did you know that you can put regular canning jars in the freezer? You just have to leave them open for the first few hours to allow the food to expand, then seal them and they are good to go!
I got these jars at the BX for $3.50 a piece, a MUCH better price!

Pre-cooked and frozen sprouted chick peas:

I thought, well these jars are pretty awesome, so I bought several and have been using them for leftovers as well in the fridge. We also tossed all the sippy cups and now I just bring along a little canning jar like the ones in the snack photo above for J's on-the-road drink, if I can't find the canteen. It's amazing what your kids can learn if you give them the chance... like, don't dump your drink in your car seat and don't drop glass on the floor. A little time and patience and these things are non-issues around here while using glasses. Snacks get thrown into a metal bento box, or in one of the nylon or cotton bags I made awhile back. I like the jam jars for on-the-go because they are a little sturdier than recycled store jars, which I use to hold spices or other small ingredients most of the time.

Still, there are a few plastics left, like the gallon bags holding my foraged tea leaves. Maybe I'll get lucky and find some giant air-tight mason jars! :)

I'm not sure why people don't use glass more often? We don't NEED plastic. I've thought about the 'dangers' of glass, it dropping and breaking, ect. but I can't justify that as a reason for not using it... I mean, my son may drop a cup, but I am always nearby and would be able to 'rescue' him from the pieces. I guarantee you that he is not superman and will not squeeze a cup so hard that it explodes in his hands! ;D


  1. I love glass and pottery. Aside from BPA and other concerns, plastic just gets so ratty after a while. I have a few melamine plates I like but I've used this move as an opportunity to get rid of some of the plastic that was icky.

  2. icky is usually one of the first words i associate with plastic, i hate that it stains and absorbs smells! :p

  3. We've been trying to rid ourselves of plastic for what feels like forever! We also use canning jars and the like. O uses real tableware and cups for our meals. (Though we do use BPA free straw cups on the go.) He's never broken anything! Well, except the single glass that was marketed as "for kids". Hmmm...
    Keep up the good work! :)
    PS I feel like I've written that before... Was it here? *blushes*

  4. I've been meaning to get some straws! Thanks for reminding me! ;D
    I don't think you've written this before, haha... not here anyway!


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