Thursday, August 4

Babies of all ages and stages.

My sister-in-law had a baby girl last week! Chris and I ordered her a purple ring sling and I made her daughter Layla a little dress with bunnies on it:

I also made a rare quilt with some cute fabrics I found a couple of weeks ago:

The front is made of new fabrics but the back, interior and binding are repurposed.
See what my fancy sewing school sewing machine can do?

In other news, my not-so-baby son is learning to go without a diaper finally! With sporadic ECing and cloth diapers I was hoping it would be easy and pretty seamless (like everything else we've managed, luckily) but I wasn't getting my hopes up. Turns out he's ready freddy! Yay! For now he is birthday suited just about all day (when we aren't out and about, obviously!) and he tells me he has to go about 95% of the time. The other 5%, well, yea. I have two dogs also, so that's not new.

Right now they are doing work on the house next door, so he spends most of the day in the kitchen window watching the bulldozer at work!!

This was like the millionth time I asked him to not stand on his kitchen. He has a play stand right next to it, but I guess the view is just better from there!

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