Sunday, August 7

Rain rain (don't) go away.

It's pouring outside, and the projected weather next week is in the high 40's-low 60's. Sad for summer. Yet, everyday brings something new that makes me happy and the rain doesn't bother me at all. In fact, it allows for time for reflection. It doesn't change anything for us around here as far as our daily tasks go, we can bundle up and go play in puddles and mud as easily as we can go frolic in the sunshine. I much prefer sunshine (although not the burning hot and humid kind), but the rain only makes me appreciate it more.

When it was the dead of winter last year I vowed to spend as much time outside as possible. The 'bad' weather led me to push myself to learn new ways of having fun outdoors, and it's paying off now. While we steer clear of lightening and hail, I've learned to re-appreciate the rain. It's nice to feel the fresh breeze blow through with the storms, and to watch the earth come to life as it soaks up the water. There is life in rain. I knew this as a kid and watching rainstorms was my favorite way to spend an afternoon. Living in dreary, wet Germany kind of made me hate it. Trudging through town having to lug an umbrella was never any fun. Driving in it was the bane of my existence. But now, none of that compares to having to sit in a house with a toddler for any amount of time because I don't feel like getting wet. I figured maybe I just didn't like the rain when I wasn't prepared for it. So I bought good raincoats and big umbrellas, sturdy rain boots and warm layers. The rain will not stop us!

Turns out I love it, I had just forgotten. And Johnny really loves it. He picks wet flowers, looks at bugs floating in puddles, mixes the mud in his sandbox. He learns from it.

A few weeks ago we walked from the coffee shop on base to the grocery store. It's only about a ten minute walk, but it was drizzling and I was letting J walk, so it took us about half an hour. I had a hoodie on and he had a raincoat and we both had on good shoes, so we just meandered along while he inspected ever tiny flower he saw. MANY people stopped to ask if we would like a ride, but we respectfully declined each one. They seemed put off and I felt strange, as if I'd rather 'suffer' in the rain than get a ride with a stranger, which is not the case at all. We were enjoying our walk and didn't have far to go, so I just kept saying no thank you. Somehow I felt rude, but I would have missed the rest of our stroll otherwise.
It was a strange feeling but I remembered several years ago when I had to walk everywhere by myself and people rarely stopped (probably because I was sans baby) and it bothered me that people were not as helpful or friendly as I would have hoped. So this time I just smiled and was thankful that people are nice.
Thankfully we have modern conveniences, like a dryer so that we have dry clothing even if we can't use the clothes line. We have a warm fire place if we get a little too cold and a nice house to cozy up in when it's not safe (during lightening or hail). I will take the rain with the sun and appreciate both the same. :)

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