Friday, July 22

Green and brown.

Green juice is the shizz. Unless it has cucumbers, then it's just gross. Still pretty though:

Soaked whole wheat pancakes for the boys: 

Sprouting lentils for Saturday's dinner:

I highly recommend reading about why sprouting is good, it's very enlightening!

As it turns out, chick peas are named chick for a reason- look at that little almost-sprouted bean! There's even a little beak, haha...

I'm loving all this new food exploration. It's pretty much the same things we ate before, just a step further into health-nut world, and I'm enjoying it!! I'm having a quinoa and hummus wrap right now for lunch and I'm actually craving spinach, I'd even settle for lettuce. That's new, I usually never want greens. Hooray for kicking the carb addiction!! Well, so far anyway. ;}

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