Saturday, July 23


I haven't shared thrifting finds in awhile, mostly because I haven't been doing much, but also because when I do, there's a lot! Or it's not very spectacular. I noted yesterday that I had a pretty boring haul, a simple basket with a few canning jars and some glasses. But THEN. There were the boots... and the bottle, and the vase....

That's a bottle full of nettle chai tea (love in a bottle, actually):

Last fall I was scouring Ebay for these boots. There were plenty of options but all pretty expensive or not nearly my size. These were just sitting there, in perfect condition- my size and only FIVE EUROS!!

One of a set of cute glasses for J's breakfast. His dad lets him watch old school Looney Tunes on the mornings he makes him breakfast, so I thought he'd like these.

And lastly, pink Depression glass! I try hard not to 'collect' things anymore because I have the tendency to collect too much and it gets overwhelming, but this glass is so lovely and pretty rare and I'd love a whole shelf of it in the future. I do use whatever I find and we did need a vase :) The covered dish I found a few weeks ago and I couldn't pass it up, it's now siting on the counter keeping this morning's biscuits safe from the dog. Even here at the thrift stores and flea markets it's a little expensive, but it's just so pretty!

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