Thursday, September 9

Piling up.

I am terrible at keeping on top of tasks!!

I think I'm going devise a system of rotation until I'm through the massive amounts of unfinished business.

It will require me to finish ONE thing at a time, in this order:

1. Projects on the way-side.
2. New projects for family/ gifts.
3. Projects to sell.

Repeat 1,2,3.

I feel compelled to make a list of things while it's early and my brain is actually clear. I hear the baby waking up, but Dad is upstairs with him so I can buy a few more minutes!

These are in no particular order:

  • purse for mom
  • purses for mary 
  • purse for trade
  • two giant over-night bags (one for me, one for my sister)
  • bed spread for me
  • baby quilt for gift
  • growth chart for gift
  • car organizer, one for gift and one for me
  • car blanket and pillow for the Rabbit
  • Picnic dress for me
  • winter hats for Johnny
  • fall coat for Johnny's birthday
  • two crocheted baby blankets for gifts
  • mushroom pillow for gift
  • dress-up sets to sell
  • pillows for the couch
  • stretched fabric for the living room walls
  • family of wooden spoon puppets for J's b-day
That's NOT all, but here is the babe, ready for morning! You get the idea! ;-P


  1. damn! and youre gonna get all that done in what sort of time frame? thats a LOT!
    good luck
    .. cant wait to see Alys growth chart :)
    I feel kinda bad knowing what youre giving her .. but at the same time, its so exciting :)

  2. Hopefully I'll be DONE by Christmas, since a lot of those are Christmas gifts. :) I <3 Aly's chart!

  3. Oh, I'm so jealous - I would love to sew. That's quite a to-do list. An East Coast girl in Germany? I was born in Germany and am now an East Coast girl. I like the symmetry :) Thanks for entering my contest!

  4. Hey! That's pretty cool! I was actually born here too, but of American parents, and we left after just a couple of weeks, so it doesn't really count, hehe...

  5. Your work area sadly resembles my desk at home. Too many things on the go! I'll have to take your advice and make a to-do-list so I don't feel as overwhelmed! Good luck working through your's!

  6. Good luck to you too! Something I learned a few years ago was to keep a running to-do list and add on there anything you do randomly spur-of-the-moment and then cross it off :) Makes you feel even more accomplished!


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