Sunday, September 19


Happy Birthday Weekend to my darling sister!! (it's on the 20th, but the way I get things done I'll never get this posted if I don't do it NOW!)...

Tricia is awesome x's 8 billion.

I made her the traditional Black Bottom Cupcakes, which I believe she's had nearly every year of her life... They are basically little chocolate cakes filled with cheese cake and chocolate chips. And they make her soooo happy...

And I busted butt tonight and got her presents made, three knit skirts and a pair of fingerless gloves made from wool scraps...

I love my sister!


Tomorrow we are going to little Ali's first birthday party. We are giving her a handmade growth chart. I got to sit and hand embroider each bit so I was very happy to make it!

Last month we gave a book sling like Johnny's to Anton on his first birthday, and a few months earlier a play dress-up set to Gianna. I'm really committed to making all the birthday presents we will need in the future. It's more fun for me that way anyway, to come up with an idea about what someone would like and creating it- as opposed to shopping for something, especially here, where everyone shops at the base! Someday Johnny can get involved as well and that will be a great lesson in how gratifying gift-giving can be :)


  1. Your sister loves youuuu!

  2. by the way ... we LOVE it!!
    Aly looks at it with awe :)
    I think , even she knows how talented you are :)

    Thank you again!! so so so so so much Kari.. its perfect!


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