Saturday, September 18

Nursemaid's Elbow

Monday evening after Baby J's nap, his dad lifted him out of the crib by his hands... and all evening we thought he had gas because he wouldn't crawl and cried if he was moved around too much. The next morning when he was in better spirits and wanted to play, we realized he wasn't using his left arm. So off to the emergency room!

They took x-rays and were very sweet to him and, although they couldn't explain much in English, I did understand that his elbow was twisted and partially dislocated. They did a twist and pop thing and Johnny screamed bloody murder, but he was fine by the time we left and was playing with it all afternoon at home.

At our follow-up with the American doctor he explained it more. With all my learning and reading I've never come across "Nursemaid's Elbow". It's apparently very common. I'm glad it was nothing too serious, but he said that it's likely to reoccur after it happens once and showed us how to slip it back into place (eep!). Needless to say, we'll be very careful with Johnny's little elbows! Today he's crawling on it as if nothing happened :)

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  1. Poor sweetie. I did that to my baby sister once and it did happen to her a couple more times after that. My dad learned how to pop it back in place by himself.


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