Wednesday, September 8

Catching up..

I can't believe it's already a week into September! I finally finished cleaning my house, so here's a little updating... before I move on to sewing some more! 

We are trying to go a couple times a month down to Bernkastle for ice cream night. Uhhh, yum.

Last week, Tuesday, it was Be-A-Utiful! 
I'm so glad we still live here, I'm newly amazed every sunny day how lovely it is. 

These guys are mean but curious.

And these guys make me think of eating ice cream on the lake in New Hampshire :)

Friday we went to Köln with Tricia and her guy. It was also lovely and a long fun day!

Then Sunday a friend and I checked out a market and had pizza in Urzig, just down the road a little ways... Look at this view! 

And lastly, check out my happy baby! He cut two new teeth last week and I've cut out almost all dairy and caffeine (I had one cup today during a long day of running errands) and he is all smiles! I don't know what does it or if it's just a good week, but I'm enjoying it :)


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  1. Your little one is so adorable! Teething is the worst :( Love the countryside pics!


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