Thursday, October 18

what i needed.



lush bath bomb (lavender and tonka absolute)


yes. please. 

my homework assignment for my art/living class was to take a bath. to fill it full of herbs and soak and soak and let it all go. i didn't have herbs handy and didn't get to the store, but i had an old bath bomb laying around that is all my favorite scents mixed together. that plus some baby bubble bath was all it took to sweep me off my feet. the movie was an indulgent addition played on my laptop, one that had been sitting in my que for a very long time just waiting for the right moment. cute, sad, blissful edie.

not sure where to go from here. bed? i feel fabulous! i don't remember a bath this comforting in at least 15 years. man. a blog-worthy bath, if you can believe it ;)

what do you do to take care of yourself? 


  1. I havent done anything in a long time to take care of myself.....whats it like? haha

  2. oh, you should! i know it's so hard to MAKE time to take care of ourselves, but the recharge is so needed :)


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