Friday, October 19


My camera is broken, so I've been using my blackberry to take photos recently. Really lame, but I feel it's a lesson in letting go and letting my memories be just that- pictures in my mind; especially on a day like today, when my baby boy turned three!
We didn't wrap his big present and had him cover his eyes instead, which was really cute. So hard not to snap away and take a million photos, but I felt more present than usual not ducked behind my camera checking to make sure I had a good shot. Interesting realization in the end.

What a sweetheart. He's amazing, really. He went through this move barely noticing all the changes, just going with the flow and enjoying moments with new people every few days/weeks. A few months ago he was weary of new people and tonight Chris brought a coworker home and J wanted him to go play trains in his room before they even knew each others' names. He is no longer worried about where I am at the playground, he washes his own hands and gets his own water. He was mad at me the other day when I almost forgot to strap him into his car seat, and he lets me know when he's ready for a nap. I never have to wonder why he's upset or crying, he tells me just what he needs or wants, all I have to do is listen. He will spend all day making me think my work here is done and then he will climb up in my lap and ask me to sing baby beluga while rocking him, reminding me that I am far from done and he will be my baby boy for awhile longer, thankfully.

So Johnathan, if you ever look back on this, I think you are the best three-year-old a mother could ask for. You have taught me more about patience and kindness and empathy than I ever thought a small person could. You've taught me to listen and to take things at face value and ask for what I need. And to nap when I'm feeling tired or sad. You are a champion napper, my boy.

I look forward to this next year while looking back fondly on the previous years (years! so hard to believe already!). What a cool kid we have! 

(Here are some photos from before the camera broke, of J doing his favorite thing: lining up his cars and then rolling over them like a steam roller... and then of course lining them back up and taking photos of them like mum!)


  1. My heart is another mile wider because of you sharing this! <3 I love you and your family and your wild wide heart!

  2. He is just such an amazing little man ...
    and, so true how we (as mammas) get caught up in trying to capture the moment, rather than be a part of it. Especially being overseas away from family for so long....
    Glad you guys all had a great day :)

  3. We love you Cora! And so wish we were closer!!
    You're right Sara, it's hard to NOT record the moments when so far from family!


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