Friday, October 12

new surroundings

 Oooh, I'm so behind! 
I have Sooooooo much to say (okay, not really, just that: I flew to Arizona, I miss my family, Johnny keeps asking to go 'home', Tucson is hot but today it rained, I'm happy to be unpacking, aaaaaaand I need to make friends).
Other than that, I am painting and unpacking and sorting and exploring. 
Here's a peak into our new house:

That's all for now. There will be more :)


  1. Oh how fun, good luck with the unpacking! Did you paint that mural yourself?

  2. Hey! Thanks! I did, but the banana painting is a stencil cut and painted by my good friend Zak.

  3. I like it. It looks fun. Did you free hand the swirlies? I can do them nicely on a small scale, but I'm not so sure about on a large wall. Have fun making up your house, and I hope J gets adjusted soon. :)

  4. Thank you Christina!! I sketched the swirls first!


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