Friday, January 20

Late night Blumen.

I may like to draw a little too much. This is how you draw a flower tattoo design and forget to go to sleep...

Collect inspiration from client. In this case, birth flowers of loved ones. 

Draw each element individually to your liking:

Cut out and tape together each piece, in a pleasing fashion:

Connect with various vines, stems and leaves. Viola! Flower tattoo design.
And now I can sleep peacefully. ;)


  1. This is amazing. I want to tell you that it's been 2.5 years since you did my cherry blossom tattoo and I still love it. I told Brian last week that I want another tattoo but that I want YOU to do it. It's so hard to trust someone new. I went and spoke to a tattoo artist the other day, he was okay. I looked through his book and didn't see the art in his work..and he wants $400 with half up front to book the appointment. I wish you lived closer Kari.

  2. don't ever get a tattoo from someone who doesn't blow you away! he/she should be good enough that price isn't even a question. that guy must've dealt with a lot of cancellations to want that much upfront, which is really, really common around military bases. :(


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