Tuesday, January 3

A colorful life ;)

The new year is off to a good, bright start. 



A self-made (late) Christmas gift (cool camera strap! wee!):

Really funky hair!!

New-old kitchen chairs. I don't have a before picture, but imagine blue fabric coated in flour, dirt, dried almond milk and play-doh. This fabric wipes clean. Need I say more? Oh yea, that tip on Pinterest that says you can polish furniture with a walnut is totally true and totally worth it.

A rocking horse for a very special little girl! Chris built it (based on Johnny's rocking horse, which was made for Chris by his grandfather 30 years ago) and I got to paint it up all pretty :) A little handle will be put where the flower on her head is, and I am going to make a matching rein. So cute! You can click on the photo for a better view of it, I love the tiny details and the wood is beautiful.

Funny I'd call this post bright. Chris looked it up today and we only have 8 hours of daylight per day right now, so that would explain all the dark photos! Ah well.. ;}

Happy New Year loves!! 


  1. Chris is amazing with his wood working! That is awesome. :) And of course your paint job is great too.

    Happy New Year you guys!


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