Monday, January 16

I am not a blogger.

I wish I was. I just can't find the time to devote to it like I sometimes wish I could. Sewing, painting, cleaning, cooking, working, socializing, cuddling with the boys. Nope, not enough time for blogging.
But I can still share things, so I will share this, because it makes me happy:

I so love blue lobsters. I have a whole Pinterest board for them (here!). This one is Zak's newest addition, done by yours truly this evening.

Some things:

-Working again is awesome, and it's hardly taking time away from being a mom. Finding that balance is really satisfying.

-Gearing up for some trips, London, Amsterdam and Prague in the next two months. I'm holding out for Spain before we leave. I need to see Picasso's Guernica in person.

-Our beloved little black gerbil died on Friday the 13th. His brother is lonely, but we will hold off on any more pets until after our move later this year.

-My registration for Sqaum went through! I will be there in September. *swoon*

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