Sunday, October 30


October is by far my favorite month. Chris and I were married in October and J was born this month as well. I love the season and the food and the fresh air that blows through getting ready for winter. Even in Florida heat October felt special. Since moving away from that climate I have fully fell in love with this month :)

I used the past few weeks to work on a sort of life project and it's led to some really special ideas and moments. I guess sometime I'll go into that more, but for now here are some pictures from one of our walks this week :)

This made me think of the Giving Tree:

This guys is so old. And sweet. Check out his old lips! Haha!

This is his buddy, she is a little more shy.

She reminds me of a wild horse.

As does this kid...

I managed to get a painting done for my friend's son who adores bison. It's about 26" square, acrylic on canvas.

And Halloween!! I did practice makeup on myself and Brenda:

And this is our finished product, with two other lovely ladies :)

And can't forget the adorable monkeys! Johnny's not crying, he's making monkey noises! So stinkin' cute!
He wouldn't let Charla wear her mask, so we tried to paint her face up ;}

Tomorrow night is trick-or-treating, I'm thinking we'll go. I go back and forth because 1) he is still pretty young, and 2) he can't eat 90% of what is handed out. But, I got some reverse trick-or-treating cards and would love to put them to use. Plus, we'll just happen to be on base at the right time, and he does love his monkey costume, and I'll pretty much jump at any opportunity to let him run off some energy at this point! ;D
Happy Halloween! 


  1. I soooo miss you guys!! i wish I could be there to catch Johnny as he runs up to me and swing him waaay up in the air!!!!!!

  2. It's Dad, I still cant for the life of me figure out how to post so my name shows up here.....I love you

  3. Man, Dad, we miss you so much!! He loves to be swung, so that will be happening this summer! ;D xoxoxoxoxoxo!

  4. Aw! Johnny's so cute - Nate was a monkey too :) I hope you went trick or treating. Even though Nate didn't eat any of the candy (he actually forgot about it!), he LOVED going to the houses. He kept trying to get invites in - haha.

  5. We did go! It was fun, although quick. We all dressed as farmers ;) and Johnny ate all the gummy bears he could possibly wish for!


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