Tuesday, October 18

Johnny is two!

I'm realizing I'm not very "good" at his birthday. I want the first thing I think of to be him in my arms for the first time, but usually all I remember is waking up in a stark hospital ward and asking the nurse babysitting me if my baby was okay. It sucks, and so I tend to avoid thinking of his actually birth day.

But Johnny decidedly does not suck, he is awesome! And I of course want to celebrate that he is here and that he is just so cool :) We love him and you all know how lucky I think I am to have him!!


  1. Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY!!! I cannot get over what a boy (and not a baby) he looks like in that last picture. And I love that his favorite activity is "spinning." Nate's a big spinning enthusiast too. It sucks that you can't think of his actual birth day with only happiness. I am the same way. Totally bitter about a few things. But thank god we have these awesome kids to celebrate now! Hugs!

  2. Haha, spinning enthusiast! How cute!
    Thank you!!


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