Friday, October 21

Let's see how fast I can do this:

I want to update before J wakes up from his nap, which is soon... Not sure where to start, it's been so long since I've shared anything on here. So, in order of event:

I made some dresses (I love Octoberfest!):

I cooked over an open fire:

We ate delicious food around said fire:

We saw some giant pumpkins:

Played with good friends:

Visited the Bernkastle bears:

Made pear pie a la mode cupcakes:

Johnny cried a lot (does anyone else hate the term 'terrible twos' as much as I do? He's just an emotional growing boy trying to communicate!):

But still managed to be as cute as ever (if not more so!):

We prepared for winter with many gifted articles of clothing:

I made a cozy hat that fits my dreadlocks:

I repurposed some hand-me-down clothing to make them cooler (there's a Snoopy one also!):


Made a tiny baby Dirndl!:

Went to a hippie bus party, where J wanted to play his little drum:

Happy hippie family:

Made sunflower butter and chocolate cupcakes for the big Two.

Played with my camera, and a kaleidoscope:

Took photos of my new favorite model (that's my pseudo-twin, Brenda):

Made raspberry filled chocolate cupcakes (raspberry syrup makes the prettiest frosting!):

Drank fresh pressed, spiced apple cider from my New Hampshire mug while wearing flannel, like a good Yankee in fall :)

Add to all that lots and lots of good friends and food, some sunshine and lots of down-time and you get the gist of it!

I've missed you all, and all the blogs I usually read, but we've been busy in the non-virtual world just kicking back and having fun!



  1. Love this! You are so talented! I really love how laid back and just chill you are! It makes me very happy! And I love all your naturally hippie clothes! :) And Johnny's! haha. Thanks for picking up blogging again so I am not the only one on here!

  2. Ps. I really REALLY love what you said about the "terrible twos"... I say that sometimes, but really I HATE the term! It makes it so much easier to have angry thoughts at my toddler when he is crying and throwing fits, but really you are right, he is just trying to communicate! I will have to stop calling it terrible ASAP! ;)

  3. And where did you see the giant pumpkins?!?!

  4. haha! glad you are reading!
    the pumpkins were near K-town, at a little festival. there is a farm there, too, called sunshine farm that has a pumpkin patch open each weekend :)
    and about the terrible twos, i agree that it tends to make me angrier when i think that, rather than, "okay, how can i help him by trying to understand what he's communicating?" it doesn't always work (like today!) but i try, and i guess that's what matters! :)


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