Wednesday, April 20

Spring = Love

Today I managed to stop and take some pictures of a place I pass anytime I head towards the base. Johnny was asleep in the car so I had some time to really get in with the flowers ;)

These are a flower called Rape, strangely enough. They are grown for their oil (Canola oil anyone? Yup! That's what these are for!) There are miles and miles and miles of these flowers in the spring. We've called them spit flowers because they smell, well, like spit. If you buy local honey it also smells like spit if it comes from these flowers. It's weird but interesting.

In my neighborhood the trees are in full bloom and all is well with the universe. Except that my camera battery died after only a handful of photos on my baby-free walk. Grrr...

I seriously couldn't love it here anymore than I do right now! 


  1. I like the bug picture especially because the little pebble next to him makes him look HUGE...I miss Europe. I called it home for almost eight years.

  2. hehe, he was pretty big tho!
    i will have a very hard time leaving here, and i hope we get to go somewhere equally as beautiful!


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