Tuesday, April 19

1.5 years

Just as his little cousin was born, Johnny had his second un-birthday! Hehe.. He's officially a year and a half old. So, he's a toddler now, right? :) 
We've had a rough couple of weeks between teething and allergies, but we are rounding the bend now I think! We've been VERY lucky in the teething department, so yea, I'm a little unexperienced in dealing with the crankiness of a teething baby. But now I get it, although he still sleeps no problem ;)

Bragging is probably bad for my karma, huh?
Ah well, it's a momma's right!

So, here is the rundown:

He communicates thoroughly with sign language. I'm not on top of it as much as I could be, but he gets his point across. He even made up his own sign for 'hot'. I have no idea how many signs he knows/uses.
He says bye, all done, doggy, daddy, tete, aaaand that's about it, haha... not much yet but he's working on it!
His favorite toy is the blender. I took the blade out and he spends ages taking it off the base, putting it back on, putting the lid on and making whirring noises while pushing the buttons. 
He eats with a spoon/fork and drinks out of a cup. 
He tells me that he needs to use the toilet! Yay! Not 100% yet, but it's a great start!
He looooooves Skype and thinks everyone is 'Tete' (his aunt!). 
His favorite food is blueberry oatmeal, as far as I can tell. And raisins, and chocolate soy milk. And a few times he's reached up onto the counter and stolen cupcakes.
His favorite animals, by far, are cats!
And he really, really, really loves tractors :)

There's more, since ya know, he's amazing. But he's starting to wake up from his nap.... so onto the rest of the post quicklike.

I had to take some photos of him eating his snack at his new picnic table today, he was having a sweet moment and was just too cute sitting there!

He and Luckie are finally friends. I was really worried for some months that we would have to find Luckie a new home, he really didn't like Johnny pretty much the moment he started walking. Guess dogs just don't like taller competition!

Just some proof he isn't always keen on getting his picture taken:


  1. He's growing so fast. I'm so freaking happy for you and Chris. :) Happy 1.5 little man J!


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