Saturday, April 9

Safari anyone?

Okay, not a true safari, more of a quaint German afternoon drive with wildlife, but still... Animals!!
We went to Daun Wildpark yesterday for the (shockingly) first time. I've driven past it 567,894 times on my way to work but we never made it there as tourists. Yesterday was gorgeous so we HAD to go somewhere!

Three minutes into the trip I got poo on my dress, because that's how I roll.

There was a petting zoo. This wise old goat said, "Bleat."

This asshole spit corn in my face.

We won't mention the emu that tried to peck my eyes out.

But, Johnny fed the piggies.

That's corn.

I fed a lot of it to this adorable guy.

And THEN! We drove the eight km around the park where the wild animals roam. That was the super cool part, and the first animal we encountered was another llama, a BIG one.

He put his head INSIDE my car. See that pink in his eye? That's my camera strap. And the grey behind his head is the interior roof of my tiny VW. Yea. I wasn't freaked out. Pfft...

This is him as he chased us down the road. I don't know why I ever let that llama into my life.

Here's Bambi's dad.

And family, I presume.

A different, more bubble-friendly llama.

A boar. He was kind of cute and actually sweet. Johnny loved him and learned how to snort. We thought he was cool, not too big, ya know, an ideal boar.

And then we saw these gals.

That first boar? He was the same size as ONE HEAD of these boar. And these ones had babies!!! They were not thrilled that I got out of the car to take photos of the babies.

But they were.... Really. Freakin. Cute. Babies.

And as we were leaving I said, "Now all we need to see is a fawn and I'll be happy!"

Que fawn!! Squeeelllllllll!!!!

I love, love, love living here!

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