Monday, June 11


Mine and Chris's first official first date was to see Moulin Rouge. Then when we got married, our dance was to 'Come What May' from the movie. We used to drive around with the windows down singing to the soundtrack at the top of our lungs. we even had a french class together in highschool, but were both too busy sleeping or avoiding class and didn't meet until he was out of HS and I was almost done.
Once we moved here we vowed to go see the real Moulin Rouge. We tried to make plans for several years and the seventh year was THE YEAR. We were going to go on our anniversary in October. And then we had Johnny, a week before our anniversary date!
So this year, finally, after much fretting that it wouldn't happen, we made a huge plan to go! It was an early anniversary in May, our tenth :)
It was Chris's first time in Paris, so that was awesome. I made sure he saw as much as possible in two short days!  

To be honest, tho, I was mostly looking forward to getting dressed up and going out! I hadn't used a curling iron in years. I loved getting all fresh and clean and sharing the bathroom mirror to get ready to go on a real date.


I planned my outfit for months and had a really pretty headband from an internet friend, Di, of RubyRuby. I was at first trying hard to be sleek and chic, but felt bland and not myself. So I decided, when all else fails, go over the top!!
Rainbow accessories, leopard sweater, pink silk dress, purple tights and teal shoes!!

Chris looked amazing in his European pin-stripe suit!!

I was too chicken to ask anyone to take a photo of us, so they are all self-shot.
We took a bus to the Eiffel tower and had dinner, then took a boat on the river for what I thought would be a beautiful way to see the city.

 It rained the entire time. Poured, even. No bueno. But it was a nice and fun night anyway!

Cold boat trip.

Broken windows on the boat added to the crappy view.

My camera was NOT having it. Here are some of the better shots:

Haha... But look at this handsome man!!

Then we headed to the Moulin Rouge where photos were not allowed. But here we are, on the way!

One more shot for the road...

The next day we hit up the Louvre, this was easily the highlight for me...

And for Chris...

We finished off in Montmartre, right where our relationship 'started'.

So glad we finally made it!!

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