Monday, June 4

the Netherlands.(swoon!)

We went to the Netherlands while my dad and grandparents were visiting! One of my all-time favorite countries and it just gets better each time we visit! 
We stayed in a little coastal town that reminded me so much of Baltimore, which happens to be one of my favorite US cities, so of course I loved it.

Traditional Dutch breakfast:

Sweet Bram at the bed & breakfast:

We ventured to the Keukenhof one last time to see the flowers. Johnny was a sport! 

It rained the entire time.

And we all took TONS of photos!

After that we hit up a tiny island called Marken for the afternoon.
This time dad was a sport.

Johnny loved having his opa here, and his great-grandparents! 

We spent a day in Cochem, a castle and town near here.

Everything was hand painted so beautifully! 

Along with some cool stained glass.

And this weird good luck charm...

Lion with a helmut, NOT a frog (as the guide was sure to point out!)

Great grandpa John and Great grammy Dawn!! 

And one more flower for good measure.

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