Sunday, May 15

To sum it up...

The past 24 hours have been wonderful...

We sat around the fire pit and had a few warming drinks.

I took a long walk alone (with the dogs) to 'harvest' some nettles and raspberry leaves. The weather was off-and-on, but thankfully mostly on during my walk.


Flowers are finally starting to bloom now that it's begun raining again.

Signs of summer are coming, slowly but surely.

We took Johnny to the park and then sat around the sand box for a little while. He's not feeling well, he's been up and down like the weather, but I'm trying to keep his spirits up.


Next month will be the end of my second year sharing our lives with you here. I'm getting all of this printed up into a book to hold onto for future generations. Maybe someday my great-great-great grandkids will read through it as I've read through my family's journals. That, and I don't trust the internet with my memories- I have a hard enough time remembering things, I don't need to lose it all in an instant!
Getting it done now feels like the perfect transition- right before summer starts and as Johnny goes from baby to boy oh-so-quickly... Forward ho!

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  1. Your blog will make a beautiful book! I just backed up my blog onto my hard drive for the first time for the same reason!


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