Sunday, May 8

Mutters Tag.

Hanging out with a mother I dig, and realizing that being a mother really does change everything. For example, fancy brunches with champagne aren't the calm escape you'd expect them to be.

 (J took this picture, by the way!)

And, boys seem to NEVER sit still- although I did manage to barely capture them each once. That's J's buddy Anton peeking around his mom.

The rest of the time I was lucky to get at least a half-clear shot. Look at these carefree boys!!

It was a great day of fun and sun :)

I love my own mom very, very much by the way! And this is my sister's first mother's day, I am so proud of her!!


  1. Remember in Toy Story when Buzz Lightyear goes all crazy and is having a tea party "Don't you get it? You see that hat?! I am Mrs. Nestbitt!!!"

    That's all I can think about after seeing that first picture.

  2. We had such a wonderful Mothers Day too!!! I am so glad that I have you in my life to hang out with and to help me be the best mom I can be!!! We love you!!!!!


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