Wednesday, April 14

Happy UN-birthday!

Our baby is going to be 6 months old this week!

What a goofball he is!

I made an outside fun place for us to hang out, so that he can roll around a bit in the sun (what? what's that?!). And soon I hope to get a swing set for this active little boy, he needs an outlet and he's not even walking yet!

Now the FOOD! I think he was born to eat. And eat, and eat... He has eaten everything we've offered him, tonight he even had Indian Naan dipped in my dinner's sauce and cucumbers!

At home I've steamed and chopped and baked for the past week and we are now fully stocked for a good two months as far as baby food goes!
Everything that was pureed was frozen in ice cube trays and then stored in Ziploc bags. Two cubes is about a serving, and they can be mixed and matched to my hearts content :) A lot of the time he will just eat what we are eating, all mashy and stuff, but this will make it easy on me for lunch and breakfast since I don't cook much for those meals.

Look at all those bright, natural colors! Weee!

And the other day a friend reminded me that I can start giving him biscuits and so on (derrr...) so I set on making those today.
They are pear flavored and he looooooves them. Unfortunately, so does Luckie!

There is a wonderful website full of recipes and advice on baby food if you're interested in making your own (and I highly recommend you DO!) here. It's fun and easy and a great way to 1. Cut down on waste (boxes, jars, ect..) 2. Save SO much money! and 3. Know exactly what's going into your child, and that it's in it's simplest and most nutritious form.
And you can add as much variety as you want. (Do they even sell avocado baby food?) Please never-mind the idea that your baby's food has to be bland. We, as Americans, have created generations of picky eaters while German babies are eating sauerkraut and Indian babies are eating curry! Mild curry, garlic, cinnamon, nutmeg- and so on- are great additions to plain ol' baby food.

Happy baby feeding :)

And happy un-birthday Johnny!!


  1. I love that website and I made baby food for Anika in ice cube trays :) My weird kids both didn't like baby food though. They wanted the real stuff.

  2. Ya seriously! Those baby jars start to add up! Ive reused mine for a plethora of paints,buttons,pins and whatever else I can put in them. Homemade is the way to go :)



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