Friday, April 9

Excited for summer much?

I just ordered my first real vintage bathing suit! Hooray! I've looked every year for a good ten years and never found what I wanted in a size that would fit. Seems this year XL is a good size to be, hehe...

And I bought Johnny his very first swim diaper:

And Chris his first pair of board shorts since leaving Florida:

What an adorable beach-going family we'll be come June!! ;D


  1. cute! You may want to have 2 swim diapers. There have been many times where my little water babies have "used" their diapers and we've needed a change. I have used a regular cloth diaper in the water too. No one could tell the difference.

  2. i did think to buy two! the other one is plain blue with red stripes on the trim :)


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