Monday, April 16

Amsterdam, London, and Paris.

There are a lot of pictures I haven't posted from earlier this year that should be put up before I post about my latest adventure...

Some of us 'girls' went to Amsterdam in January:




 Water + Bikes = Amsterdam.


And then Brenda, Zak, Melissa and myself made our way to London. It. Was. Awesome.

 Lots of warm coffee, it was fairly cold! 

 Vegan food- ALL weekend! 

 Occupy London, this was one of my favorite parts.

 A classic view.

Another protest, in conjunction with a protest going on in the Middle East, they were basically skyping over that big screen.  

 London at night, from the plane.

The new constable in our house :)

Then, last month, Johnny and I made our way to Disneyland Paris with our friends who were visiting from England. He really loved the train, naturally. We went into Paris the next day and rode around on the Red bus, spent some time in the Louvre, and gazed up at the Eiffel Tower. No photos of all that tho, my hands were pretty full :)

We are actually headed to Amsterdam again next week, and Paris again in three weeks (that will be Chris's first time!). I will make sure to take plenty of photos!

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