Tuesday, December 27

Blarg, not blog....

Yea, the end of the year. My camera has not been charged in weeks, my groceries are spread all over the kitchen, my dishes are taking over, the house is slowly becoming more cluttered by the second (don't even ask about my craft 'areas') scratchy throats and sniffly noses prevail.
Same story, different year.
But somehow this year is very different, somehow I'm keeping my head above water, despite some old patterns falling back into place.
I am still managing to stay up too late, even during a personal FB silence.

I just bought new dishes and silverware, enough for four people, and that's it. Tomorrow I am packing up all the rest, including most of my pots and pans, mugs, glasses, bottles, utensils, ect. They will sit out of sight (in the garage) until they are out of mind and then they will be swept away to a new life (by the cleaner, my husband). I have a hard time getting rid of stuff... we have to take the bandages off slowly around here, no ripping for me :(

I wish I had a Christmas photo for you guys, but it will have to wait until next time. It was lovely. Simple and relaxing, just how I've always hoped it would be. And it included the most amazing cinnamon rolls you could possibly imagine, bonus!

For now, here's this... a photo from Christmas 5 (maybe 6?) years ago:

Yea, we were hot stuff. No biggie. ;}


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