Monday, June 6

Catching up.

These boys are so cute (when they aren't trying to bite each other, and even then it's debatable.) 

They had a BALL at Prüm's Reihnland-Pfalz Tag. It's a cultural festival representing different areas of the state we live in. 
We missed the fireworks, unfortunately, but I love that we live in a place that looks like Disney World on a normal day!

(Stole this photo from here.) 


There was a craft fair this weekend and The Cupcake Barn was there representing all that is sweet bliss in the world. Can you believe I didn't take a single photo?! Oly this pre-sale one, of the difference between Brenda's frosting bowl and mine. These pretty much accurately depict our lives in general, her's being much more clean and orderly.


We've also been working hard to get the house ready for summer. The sun can be killer in our courtyard so Chris set up this sweet shade tent this weekend. I pretty much will never eat inside again. The curtains actually draw shut during sunset so that no one is blinded, and they thwart the rain pretty well also. We've been doing a lot of relaxing out there already even though it's been kind of stormy.

That being said, it was kind of a sad day here today, once we realized that our landlord is cutting down all of our trees. They are huge ash trees and line our entire yard. This is what the front ones look like (for now):

This is what the back ones now look like:

That is our hammock still hanging there, and the far right tree is our last clothes-line tree, there are two more further into the yard that haven't been cut yet. We are going to ask him to please leave the rest alone until we leave (just until next summer). Hopefully he agrees, otherwise I'm not sure what we can do, but we all really do love these trees. 


The super sunny spring we've had (sunniest and driest since 1893 or something like that!) prompted me to make a sun hat for Johnny using this tutorial over at Clean.  It's adorable, and reversible! The other side is bright golden yellow :)

 As he was riding this shuttle I thought of a future conversation we may have....
"Mom, what kind of plane is this?"
"It's a space shuttle."
"What's a space shuttle?"

It'll be a sad day when our kids can't dream about being astronauts.

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