Friday, February 18


I love my friends. I love my friends for being here when they can, and thinking of me all the time (as I do them!) and for being immensely talented and sharing that talent with me, and you. 

So happy Katie is here, and so happy Jessica took the time to visit us and document it! 


I feel very proud of my creative friends. Any time someone leaves their comfort zone to put their heart out into the world through art or creation it is a very hard process. It's hard on the mind and spirit as you are potentially bearing all to a sometimes (and also usually) unappreciative and critical audience. Criticism shouldn't deter anyone from a dream, but the path to being comfortable with your own art is a long and winding one that many, many artists struggle with. Not to mention that artists' worst critics are themselves and self-doubt can crush a dream quicker than any other outside influence.

So every time I see a friend of mine taking a step towards creativity, further out of the 'safe' comfort zone of what they are accustomed to,  my heart really swells for them. I want them all to be happy and to succeed and I truly believe they all can and will. Nothing makes me happier than to see someone I love discovering and using talents that many people never even bother to look for. It's in all of us, and we all could make the world a better place if we just discovered it and shared it! 

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