Friday, August 6

Back to the grind.

We are no longer on vacation, obviously. I have just been avoiding the internet at almost all costs, including at the cost of my beloved blog.
We had an amazing, relaxing, productive trip to the US, and are finally re-settled back here in Germany.
Time OFF the internet has been spent home-improving and 'staycationing' around these parts. We even visited a castle and hiked two hours in the wrong direction looking for a waterfall one day. You know, good old family connecting activities :)

This is the castle, Burg Eltz:

And this is Johnny on Weekly Ice Cream Night #2, eating Banane Sorbet in Bernkastle:

Let me tell ya... Summer in Europe sure is rough!

We're getting close to his first birthday! Only a little over two months. No decision yet on whether we'll throw a real party or not, we may wait until he's older and understands more before we start that, is that bad?

I have a lot to write about and many, many pictures to share, but I also have some things to sew and laundry to do before J wakes up from his nap. Love you all very much!!


  1. Our girls are at least 4 before they get their first party with their friends. Before that they are super happy just to have a small celebration with mom and dad (and siblings).

  2. That's kind of what I was thinking, a cupcake and some smiles would be good enough for us and hopefully for him, haha...


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