Friday, November 20

Gifts of art.

I got the most incredible surprise in the mail this week!! All the way from England, a delicately handmade clutch by the lovely Di of RubyRuby:

This is being posted as art instead of simply handmade because I've never seen fabric so beautifully manipulated into something as useful as a handbag. The details are perfect :)

I've honestly been lusting after her bags for a few years and dreamed of one day having the perfect reason to buy one (although I would seriously carry this to the grocery store just to show it off!)...

This is the most luxurious thing in the house, I only wish I had had one on my wedding day ;>
I <3 RubyRuby!

And then our neighbor/friend Zak bestowed this awesome piece upon the house:
He's hanging above the baby's changing table. How creative is that!? I love the balloons the absolute most! Also a time consuming and detailed project due to the great stencil work.

Last but not least, our friend Beth sent these cards from Georgia. There's three sets with different themes and he really does like looking at them! :D

I love the people who make this world such an interesting and beautiful place! Xoxo!!

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