Monday, October 5

A little glitter never hurt anyone!

My good friend Brenda Has a wedding to attend in the States this week (congratulations Adam and Mary!!) And she has a lovely dress covered in butterflies for the occasion. But she doesn't have matching shoes...
In the event you have been shoe shopping around here you'll understand it's not easy to find the perfect pair, and Brenda is not one to buy shoes for a one-time event anyway.
She does have a lovely pair of gold flats that didn't quite match but are fancy enough for a wedding, so we decided to make her a cumberbun style belt to match the dress to the shoes :)

After a couple days of searching Etsy, Brenda bought a handful of trimmings and odds n' ends and I just finished melding them together into a glittery bit o' goodness laid over a piece of vintage faux mohair

I'm happy because it's entirely hand sewn and I don't get to sit down and do that very often. It only took the entire season 2 of Mad Men to finish! Haha...
Here it all is together with the dress, shoes and belt:

I hope that even after the wedding she will want to throw the belt on over a black T-shirt and jeans with those cute shoes!

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